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How Vainamoinen was Born by Nicolai Kochergin
Beyond my anxiety, beyond this writing,
the universe waits, inexhaustible, inviting.
- Jorge Luis Borges (via fuckyeahjorgeluisborges)


train faces on my morning commute.

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Your happiness depends on you, and you alone…
- ★★★ more quotes here ★★★ (via quotediaryofficial)

The worst memories stick with us, while the nice ones always seem to slip through our fingers.
- Rachel Vincent, My Soul to Save (via observando)

Ira Glass … has said that “the power of anecdote is so great that it has a momentum in and of itself.” He contends, “no matter how boring the facts are,” with a well-told story, “you feel inherently as if you are on a train that has a destination.”

Your Brain on Story

Complement with the neurochemistry of storytelling, Nabokov on the 3 qualities a great storyteller must have, and Ira Glass on the secret of creative success.

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Pretend you are already the person you want to become. If you were already the fitter you with a toned, healthy body and at your goal weight, what would be different about your day? What would your meals look like? How would you feel about exercise and what type of exercise would you do? Take these actions NOW.